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Change/alter their focus to an alternative to animal testing education

Animal testing has been around for many decades now and it is an inhumane tradition that we place upon animals. With scientist forming many new and fully proven Non-Animal testing alternatives, they should use these new testings more often then not and should educate them to students at universities.

Stanford University is standing high in the science field today and they should change their focus from violent Animal testing to a faster and more accurate Non-Animal testing education. They should train their students with the new and modern form of testing, which doesn't involve the cruelty towards animals. They should allow for students to have the choice to be educated in non-animal testing alternatives which is used in many labratories today. It is the choice and right of the people to speak out against this cruel act we call Animal testing Science.

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  • Dr. Stephen Felt - Residency Director
    Stanford Universities Laboratory Animal Medicine
  • Professor and Chair
    Sherril Green

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