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Dr. Wedakarna: Co Organize Bali PRIDE in Bali

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Co Organize Bali PRIDE Facebook Page: Bali Pride Province Bali toward its population of 4 million people, of Indonesia population of 250 million people, and the World population of 7 billion people. Therefore when we consider of 10% of each group of area as LGBTQIA focus groups, while Bali Pride, and Rainbow Shelter as per main targets, and vice versa. Based on threaten, violence or bullied and also suicide among young LGBTQIA communities toward hate-crime by society either in Bali Island especially, Indonesia, and the World generally. Bali PRIDE, probably are not focused on HIV/AIDS Awareness directly furthermore it is focused on to the root of the challenge which is Self Acceptance, and Family & Society Acceptance. The root of life challenge it may cause different level of depression, which impact to each individual quality of life. Which may cause further challenges, sex, drug, alcohol, and smoking addiction which may involved into life tiredness, and suicide actions. OBJECTIVE 1. To bringing positive and strong impact to each LGBTQIA individuals through Self Empowerment, while it applied of Self Acceptance, before it goes to Family & Society Acceptance. 2. Happiness of each Balinese, Indonesian, and the World of LGBTQIA communities which applied to education, economy, and happiness programs. VISION Become one of the World Class LGBTQIA Pride, represented the harmony of soul, mind, and body through preserving Balinese culture and tradition of Bali Island, while cooperative with Indonesian culture and tradition toward World Society Acceptance through LGBTQIA Empowerment MISSION 1.Bali Pride Annual Parade Its bring all LGBTQIA Communities and Ally based in Bali, Indonesia and the World get together in each June every year. 2. Bali Pride Party Fund Raising Its bring cooperative relationships among LGBTQIA Industries based in Bali, Indonesia, and the World and their society, which organized three times each year. January to April, VALENTINE May to August, IDAHO September to December, NEW YEAR 3. Workshop and Seminar Its bring togetherness Academia, Public Figures, Industries, and Society to seat, think, discuss, and solve the current global challenges locally. This is our mission on education as the bridge of big gap challenges so far, either in Bali Island, Indonesia, and the World. 4. Photos Exhibition and Auctions, Film Screening and Discussion Its bring Photographers, as well as Short-Film makers to contribute on their current LGBTQIA stories, that may impact to society awareness. 5. University Level Student Competition Debate Competition Essay Competition Speech Competition Sport Competition Dance Competition Stand Up Comedy Competition Creative, Business, and Innovation Awards This is to bring student awareness, toward issues on LGBTQIA Human Right in general, while applied local culture and tradition as the contents. 6. LGT Heroes a. This is will bring Lesbian Focus Groups in Action We define as Mrs. Lesbian – Bali Pride (L) b. This is will bring Gay Focus Groups in Action We define as Mr.Gay - Bali Pride (G) c. This is will bring Transgender Focus Groups in Action We define as Ms.Drag Queen – Bali Pride (T) During one year started from their selection, they will work voluntary represented our Vision and Mission trough Bali Island, Indonesia, and the World. 7. Active Cooperative on Bali Art Festival a Government Initiative a. Bali Art Festival Parade Its bring Art Performance on the street from our LGBTQIA communities. b. Bali Pride Stands Its accommodate LGBTQIA NGOs based in Bali, Indonesia, and the World joined here and promote their activities through selling products to support the causes. c. Drama Opera combined of classical or modern music and dance, integrated with choirs at Arda Candra. Arda Candra is an open stage at Art Center where LGBTQIA communities may represent the content of Free & Equality Awareness. Thank you for kindly support, and big hope that we can make it. Best Regards, I Nyoman Tenaya Santika Bali PRIDE

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