Revoke SACT and Save Higher Education in West Bengal

Revoke SACT and Save Higher Education in West Bengal

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United Students and Research Scholars Association started this petition to Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal (Minister of Education) and

In recent time an organisation formed by the dedicated scholars and students named United Students and Research Scholars Association (USRESA) occupied a justified position for the betterment of research scholars and aspirant students, and for the betterment of higher education in West Bengal.

The question is what and why we are fighting?

Like every learned person, we too believe that only proper education can build the base of a harmonious and prosperous society. For that, the educational institutions need proper qualified teachers to fulfil the supreme purpose. This is the place where West Bengal lacks and our fight begins–

As the law exists every college/university affiliated to the UGC must abide by the rules and regulations as set by UGC from time to time to maintain the standards of higher education and UGC has clear guidelines for the recruitment of teaching staff in colleges and universities. The basic qualifications as set by UGC are a minimum 55% in Masters plus NET/SET/Ph.D (reservation rules will be applied where necessary). But West Bengal government secures the job of thousands ineligible  Guest Lectures/Part-time teachers with a new designation as State Aided College Teachers (SACT)  in colleges till the age of sixty who do not have minimum qualifications to qualify as a college teacher and published a Memorandum No.2081-Edn(CS)/10M-83/2019, Dated 23.12.2019 for the said purpose which is without any doubt an act of ‘Nepotism’.

The consequences of this unethical job security to the candidates who don’t fulfil the minimum qualification for being a teacher would be huge and would lead the society downwards.

As a result of the verbal announcement regarding the same by the CM on 19th August 2019, thousands of sincere post-graduate students and research scholars, qualified aspirants for being appointed as college teachers from across the state have strongly opposed this arbitrary, irrational, and 'politically motivated' decision by the present state Government and also took out a protest march in Kolkata on Monday, 23rd September, 2019.

What will happen if SACT becomes come into force?

First of all, coming generations of students will be deprived of getting quality education because an under-qualified teacher can never be able to deliver proper knowledge to the students which ultimately brings a huge loss to the society.

We suspect that due to this unethical extension of ineligible teachers will block the vacancies of the thousands of deserving NET/SET/Ph.D candidates. Therefore, the step taken by the Government of West Bengal is immoral, irrational, unconstitutional and against social justice when there is a large number of qualified candidates remain unemployed.

So, we appeal to withdraw the decision taken by West Bengal Government.

As an organisation, we have dedicated ourselves for the betterment of society but without your support things will not run on the desired way. Hence, we urge your support, the support of the lakhs of people who never compromise for quality of education. We know you are here for us. Please sign our petition. Your support will help thousands of college students and NET/SET/MPhil/PhD/Post-Doc qualified candidates for their better future. Your support will help to make our society a better place to live in.

Thanking you


0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!