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Dr R Reichelt Chair GBRMPA, GBRMPA Delegate Major Projects, URGENTLY 'withdraw' 'stop' 'reassess' the approval permit G13-33652.1 [Marina 250 Berths]

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GBRMPA, Major Assessments Team: Stop Racial Discrimination of Australia’s Indigenous Sovereign Tribe, the Woppaburra of the Keppel Islands, Southern most end of the Great Barrier Reef.

Based on Racial Discrimination of the Traditional Owners, the Woppaburra People of the Keppel Islands, Urgently Request, the GBRMPA Delegate:


Dr R Reichelt Chair GBRMPA, GBRMPA Delegate Major Projects:

URGENTLY 'withdraw' 'stop' 'reassess' the approval permit G13-33652.1 [Marina 250 Berths] at Putney Point, Great Keppel Island, Ancestral land of the Woppaburra.

Your approval for this permit (Marina), is unlawful and defective, you have not consulted or have the permission of the Woppaburra People.

GBRMPA, (by law and compliance) and Aboriginal Protocol, should of consulted the Woppaburra, instead of blatant discrimination, we are the primary landholder of Great Keppel Island, as the Marina has been approved, to be constructed right on the doorstep of our land holdings, (38 hectacres) at Putney Point, (granted to the Woppaburra via The Aboriginal Land Act in 2006).

The Marina will block our access, our aesthetic view, amongst other serious issues, buffer zones, re-zoning, illegal encroachment of our land holdings, with the construction, other serious issues, high water mark policy being ignored.

The advice and recommendations of the world’s top coral scientists, has been ignored, with the permit approval (marina), in the catastrophic destruction of the whole marine habitat, should this Marina go ahead.

We accuse GBRMPA (Major Projects Assessment Team) of negligence in their decision to approve the permit (Marina), negligence in discrimination of the Woppaburra People, negligence in the discrimination of the world’s top coral scientist’s advice.

The Woppaburra People have also been discriminated against, in this whole EIS, as the Developer, has approval from the 3 levels of government, to build a Greg Norman Golf Course, and Villa’s straight over the top of our ancient cultural sites, where there is also a SACRED WOMEN’S SITE.

A Peaceful Woppaburra Women’s Protest was held on Great Keppel Island. Our Peaceful Protest on County, we proud aboriginal women, were intimidated and continually provoked in our peaceful confrontation with the Developer and Greg Norman.

Their disgraceful and disrespectful body-language, as they tried to intimidate and provoke my Women Elders, with Brady Halls from a Current Affair, standing behind me, whispering in my ear, trying to provoke me, by saying such insulting things to me, ‘come on, your ancestors weren’t massacred here, come on, where’s your evidence’, I tried to remain calm, but the tears came.

Brady Halls all the while, I had my little nephew and niece in front of me, and Brady Halls, did not care, that’s what upset me the most, in his provocation and intimidation.

We have been continually blocked by the Local Newspapers, as the Rockhampton Bulletin Newspaper, presented our Peaceful Protest, and our peaceful confrontation with the developer and Greg Norman, They made a mockery of we proud Aboriginal Women, a Mockery of Aboriginal Culture, as a comic cartoon, this is also Racism.

This whole EIS, is defective and unlawful in the eyes of the Woppaburra. The Assessment Team from GBRMPA, as the 3 level of government approving bodies gave their TICK of approval, and they are all using and hiding behind the NATIVE TITLE ACT, as their excuse, to discriminate against the Woppaburra People and not consult with us, in giving away our land ‘free’, to the developer.

The Woppaburra through compliance and due diligence, should of been consulted, as a primary Stakeholder, as we are the largest landholder on GKI. This is not above Native Title, but it is the shield government are hiding behind, to protect their approvals and decisions.

We are not only doing this for ourselves, we want to set a precedent, to stop this defective EIS processes in Australia, that only accommodate the proponent, such as developers mining giants csg gas lines, aboriginal land across Australia, is just being given away, without 'our say'.

Thank You, Chrissy Hansen-Doherty


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