Dr Pol & his vets declaw cats. Nat Geo Wild & DisneyPlus, don't condone cat cruelty!

Dr Pol & his vets declaw cats. Nat Geo Wild & DisneyPlus, don't condone cat cruelty!

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Started by City the Kitty

We, the undersigned, respectfully ask you, National Geographic and Disney Plus, to help us make the world a better place for cats. 

Please inspire Dr Pol and his vets to stop declawing and use his huge platform that you've given him to educate the public about the facts about this inhumane amputation procedure and inspire cat owners to use the easy, humane options like sturdy scratching posts, nail trims, scratching pads, deterrents, Soft Paws, etc.

UPDATE DEC. 2020. According to an employee at Dr Pol's veterinary services, all 5 vets declaw cats, including Dr Pol. A two paw laser declaw is $210.

Update, July 2020.  Dr Pol and his 4 other vets are all still declawing cats according to an employee at Pol Veterinary Services. In fact, when you call for the cost of a spay/declaw to Dr Pol’s practice, the employee asks, “Just the front?”
They say that a spay/4 paw declaw is around $300. When asked if declawing is ok for a cat long term, the employee said they've never had a problem.

Every day that you stay neutral about this cat cruelty that is being done at Dr Pol's veterinary practice, the lives of cats are being harmed and ruined from this barbaric, inhumane, and unnecessary amputation procedure.

Declawing is the amputation of a cat's last toe bone and claw. It is mutilating and always harmful to the long-term health and well-being of a cat.

Cats deserve better. It's time for you to be strong National Geographic and a true leader for animal welfare.

We will celebrate your bravery in leading the way to a better world for cats by being part of the solution to help end declawing!

Thank you!

Please send a polite email to Disney Plus- responsibility@twdc.com and Nat Geo Wild- pressroom@natgeo.com and ask them about this important issue

Here's our survey of 101 veterinary practices in West Michigan with Dr Pol's veterinary service included in it.(#6)   A survey of Michigan veterinary practices

5,717 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!