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Allow Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Co. to Continue Operations

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Dr Pepper was founded in Waco, Texas in 1885. The Dublin, Texas plant has been making Dr Pepper for 120 years. It has prided itself on bottling Dr Pepper using the original formula, made with sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.  Some even say it's a different formula altogether, adding to its allure. It has a limited distribution area, but a very loyal following. Everyone knows and loves visiting the plant and museum, and finding a glass bottle with the oh-so-familiar 10-2-4 and "Dublin" on the label in a store is a joy for all who know how special it is. The Dr Pepper/Snapple Group has clashed with the Dublin bottling plant on what they call a "trademark violation"--claiming that the Dublin plant is selling outside their territory. In what can only be seen as a greedy corporate takeover of the distribution area, Dr Pepper/Snapple has singlehandedly shut down a town's livelihood and heritage by buying the bottling plant and assets (including the museum) and claiming they will make their own sugar version of the soda at the plant. The fear is that they will not only not honor their statement, but that their intention is to eventually close the plant and sell off the remainder of the assets. Dr Pepper/Snapple, we refuse to buy any of your products until you REVERSE this decision and allow Dublin Dr. Pepper to make and distribute their bottles again using the Dublin recipe and the Dublin label--essentially allowing the Kloster family to once again run their operations the way it has worked for many years. The damage has already been done--now it's time to correct your mistake. DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS!

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