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Petitioning National Commission for Scheduled Castes Dr. P.L. Punia, Chairperson and 1 other

Dr. P.L. Punia, Chairperson, NCSC: Prosecute these 30 Untouchability offences #article17


10 year old girl stopped from entering a temple because she is considered impure, students discriminated in schools and more than 30 such cases which prove how untouchability still exists in India. The National Commission for Schedule Castes (NCSC) has been ineffective in prosecuting these instances of untouchability.

Last year, I started a petition telling the Chairman of NCSC, Dr P.L. Punia, to take swift action to prosecute the offenses documented in the campaign videos and others like them. 

14th April marks Dr. Ambedkar’s birthday and is celebrated as Ambedkar Jayanti across India. The Ambedkar Jayanti this year also marked the first anniversry of my petition.

We have documented 30 videos through Video Volunteers, highlighting 30 atrocious instances of untouchability that have been ignored by NCSC.

We have appealed to the NCSC several times, sent thosuands of emails,visited them, sent them faxes, but till date, Dr. Punia's office hasn't issued a response to any of my appeals. Now, we need to increase pressure on the NCSC!

These videos, bring out the ineffectiveness of the National Commission for Scheduled Caste (NCSC) during Dr. Punia's tenure as Chairman.

The Constitution of India, under Article 17 states that Untouchability is abolished and it’s practice is punishable by law, but the 3000 year old attrocity still exists - because the NCSC is ignorant.

Please sign my petition and urge the National Commission for Scheduled Castes to take immediate action on these 30 instances of untouchability and ensure that such cases are prosecuted.

-- Our demand is that the NCSC needs to prosecute cases related to untouchability specially the 30 cases mentioned in the video

-- If the Commission is unable to fulfill these basic demands, Dr. Punia should accept his inability to enforce his duties and therefore step down from the office of Chairman.

Please sign and share my petition with your friends and family, asking them to join our campaign.

Here are all the 30 videos(instances of Untouchability that need to be prosecuted by the NCSC):

Letter to
National Commission for Scheduled Castes Dr. P.L. Punia, Chairperson
National Commission for Scheduled Castes Dr. P.L. Punia, Chairperson
Respected Dr. Punia,

We are reaching out to you on this Ambedkar Jayanti, which marks the first anniversary of our ‘ARTICLE 17 Campaign to End Untouchability’.

Article 17 of the Constitution clearly states that “Untouchability" is a punishable offense.

Around this same time last year, we sent you 22 videos and 2700 appeals from across the 13 states which unflinchingly documented illegal caste practices continuing in broad daylight.

Unfortunately, neither you nor the offices of the commission have responded to these passionate appeals.

A fax was sent in April 2012 to intimate your office on the campaign. It was registered as diary entry ‘267/12’ which was later claimed by your staff to have been displaced. The package of videos and petitions was later manually submitted to the complaint office of the NCSC in Delhi. The entry number was given as ‘10889/fc’. All Efforts to track the numbers have been unsuccessful.

There are now 30 ARTICLE 17 videos and counting.

The people of this country need a NCSC that listens to them and is willing to act on their behalf.

This Ambedkar Jayanti, we call upon you to prove that the National Commission for Scheduled Castes is an organization with purpose and will.

We demand that the NCSC respond to this petition and its signees without further delay.

We demand that the NCSC respond to each of the ARTICLE 17 campaign videos and take concrete steps to ensure that the documented caste practice and others like it are punished.

If the Commission is unable to fulfill these basic demands, we demand that you accept your inability to enforce your duties and step down from the post of Chairman.

The NCSC, under you leadership, has allowed a 3000-year-old atrocity to continue unchecked in today's India. This inefficiency is shameful and shocking.

We hope that as the chairman of National Commission for Scheduled Castes, the statutory body appointed by the constitution to safeguard rights and enforce laws protecting citizens from such practices, you will take swift action to prosecute the documented offenses.

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