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Class Size Matters in District 205!

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In 2006, class size was a noteworthy point in a successful District 205 referendum. It was decided that, ideally, a maximum of 24 students should be in Elmhurst's K-5 classrooms. More than a decade later, feedback from Focus 205 (and, more recently, the 360 phone survey) revealed that residents still consider smaller class size an important factor in shaping future learning environments. Yet this is not always reflected in class rosters across the district, where there have sometimes been as many as *30 students per section.   

It is a disservice to children to continue to be in such large classes--and it is not best practice. According to National Education Policy Center (2014), “Small classes are linked to: higher achievement, higher levels of student engagement, increased student time on task, and, the opportunity that small classes provide for high-quality teachers to better tailor their instruction to the students in the class.” Moreover, “Small classes have lasting impact on positive life outcomes.” Don’t listen to the thoroughly debunked John Hattie; class size does matter.

Let’s take a stand for our children and their future. Originally, this petition was drafted to reinforce community members' support for an additional third-grade section at Jackson. While we have reason to be optimistic this need will be addressed, our petition has now grown in scope. It's time to look at class size across the board and down the road!  

Please sign and share to 1) urge decision-makers to work with the community to establish a reasonable cap that is consistently used to determine section size (ideally closer to 24 than 30) and 2) ensure that adequate funding to sustain this cap is factored into any prospective referendum scenarios. Thanks in advance! 

*The asterisked scenario specifically referenced a 3rd-grade section at Jackson in Fall 2017, and an additional section was added when class size reached 30 students. 

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