To help stop the use of extremely destructive styrofoam in the AWHS cafeteria

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We, the students of Archbishop Williams High School, wish to stop the use of styrofoam in the school cafeteria. This styrofoam has detrimental effects to the environment, including, but not limited to: causing animals to eat said styrofoam and making them feel a false sense of 'fullness', resulting in starvation; causing the release of immense amounts of toxins that can accumulate in every level of the food chain (including us!); and causing extrordinary amounts of energy to be wasted in order to process the styrofoam into other useable substances. Styrofoam could easily be replaced by more recyclable/eco-friendly materials in the cafe, which then would promote a cleaner environment for us all. If it is not stopped, we could very well be affected by styrofoam's harmful health effects later on in our lives. In addition, our posterity could very well be threatened by the current use of such substances. Therefore, we, as students and the future generation of this planet, demand the cessation of the horrific use of styrofoam.

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