PCS Teachers should only be teaching either online or in the classroom. Not Simultaneously

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Dearest Dr. Grego, Pinellas County School Board and the Florida Department of Education,

   We parents of Pinellas County Schools Students are standing up for both the students and the teachers, regardless of the situation our children are in because there are many teachers that are being told that they will be teaching both in the classroom and online simultaneously. This is not fair to the student or to the teacher. There is no viable way for the teacher to expected to manage both classrooms at the same time and provide the level of education that the teachers are able to teach if they are not being pulled in multiple directions. 

   When the MyPCS was being offered, both the parents and the teachers had the expectation that the class would be isolated to a teacher teaching online OR in the classroom. Not both at the same time. Many parents feel that they have been misled or lied to and that isn't sitting well. The expectations that we parents had will not be met this way and this will lead to everyone being frustrated rather than actually learning. 

  As parents, we are also concerned for our teachers as they are being expected to do double the work without double the pay. They are already over worked and under paid and this is just increasing the work load and stress on the teachers. We feel that there are no realistic expectations for the teachers and staff with this plan. We are worried that our teachers will get burnt out and quit before the end of the school year because the stress won't be worth it. 

  We are also concerned that the decision to move forward with this decision was based upon funding and and political pressure from the State and Federal Government instead of taking into account each stakeholder and putting both the students and teachers ahead of money. 

  Please we're asking you to restructure your plan and allow for reasonable sized classes that are independent of one another. Not simultaneous classes. This is not fair to the teacher or the student. Moving forward we would prefer that this plan not be considered as an option as the teachers and students cannot be expected thrive this way in the classroom.