FearFreePets​.​com, Stop Allowing Declawing in Your Fear Free Certified Practices

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Dear Fear Free Pets and Dr Marty Becker

We, the undersigned, ask you (Fear Free Pets and founder, Dr Marty Becker) to no longer allow declawing in your Fear Free Certified Practices and by your FEAR FREE veterinarians.

Declawing causes lots of fear and harm to innocent cats. 

If you truly love cats and want what's best for them, you would protect the interest of cats instead of protecting the interests of declawing veterinarians.

On Dec.16, 2020, the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) stopped allowing this cruel, inhumane, and unnecessary amputation procedure in their CAT FRIENDLY Practices. If you care about cats, you will follow in their footsteps.

AAHA and Fear Free are the two vet organizations that still allow declawing in their accredited/certified vet clinics.

Declawing is the amputation of a cat's last toe bone. It is performed in many Fear Free Practices across the country, despite it being bad for cats and having absolutely no benefit to the cat.

Cats deserve better.

It's time for you to be strong. We will celebrate your bravery in leading the way to a better world for cats.

For more information about declawing go to www.CitytheKitty.org

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Also please go to CitytheKitty.org to read about the facts about declawing.