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Make the study of nutritional deficiencies comprehensive and compulsory for our doctors.

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In 10 years of training our doctors may NEVER study key information on vitamin and mineral deficiencies. This is an injustice for both doctor and patient. Medical students are spending years at university and are not fully educated on the FUNDAMENTALS of human life. 

It is vital that comprehensive study of nutritional deficiencies is placed at the heart of medical education and CPD (continuing professional development) for all healthcare professionals in all nations. 

Too many patients, of all ages, remain seriously ill and misdiagnosed with a variety of mental health conditions, and conditions such as CFS, ME, Fibromyalgia, ADHD, etc due to the lack of knowledge and screening of nutritional deficiencies.

I asked a programme director of medicine about the teaching of nutritional deficiencies and was told ‘we don’t teach it because there simply isn’t the evidence’. Crikey, words failed me.

Where is the evidence that trees need roots, sunlight and nutrients to live? EVERYWHERE, the same way that the evidence of a body without a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals is very obvious to those who are fully educated. No amount of prescription drugs will replace the body's requirement for a nutrient.

Watching just the first 5 minutes of this documentary film by Elissa Leonard, will show the stark reality of what happened to a paediatrician because neither he nor his doctors understood just how vital vitamin B12 is.

It is widely thought that we can get all the body needs from our diets, this is simply not the case. Soil depletion, prescription drugs, processed foods and genetic defects etc, mean that it is very difficult for many of us to maintain a healthy balance of nutrients. 

Severely nutrient deficient patients are often unnecessarily subjected to a range of surgeries, procedures, scans and multiple expensive pharmaceuticals because our doctors are not taught enough about the basics.

A doctor may know which vitamin deficiency causes beri beri, scurvy, pellagra or rickets but how many doctors are prompted to test patients with mental changes for deficiencies in B12, B9, B6, B3, B2, B1 zinc and magnesium, etc?

You may be shocked to learn just how many vitamin and minerals are required by the brain and neurotransmitters and that patients with poor mental health may never be screened for a nutritional cause for their condition.

  • Severe neurological symptoms manifesting in patients of all ages can have their roots in many nutrient deficiencies including vitamin B12 and magnesium. 
  • Children diagnosed with autism or ADHD may never be screened for   nutrient deficiencies despite a mass of evidence of the connection.
  • How many patients with a loss of taste and smell are tested for a zinc deficiency?
  • How many stroke victims or patients with poor heart health are screened for magnesium, B12, B9 and potassium deficiencies?
  • How many patients with thyroid disease are routinely screened for B12 deficiency?
  • How many doctors understand the need for active forms of vitamins in  patients who cannot tolerate synthetic preparations?

Magnesium deficiency is widespread, this mineral is involved in hundreds of biochemical reactions in the body but how many doctors would know to look for it in a patient with anxiety, insomnia, headaches, panic attacks, seizures?

I run a website - I am a sufferer, I do this voluntarily ( I have no affiliation to any vitamin or pharmaceutical company). I created this site with the support of Sally Pacholok, because there is a desperate need for the information provided, I focus on the areas of mental health, infertility, children, pregnancy and misdiagnosis.

Many of us fight for diagnosis and treatment so that our central and peripheral nervous systems can repair and so that we can think, walk and breathe. 

Too many doctors don't understand that B12 deficiency affects all body systems and can manifest with symptoms such as depression, memory loss, tinnitus, tremor, psychosis, bladder incontinence, peripheral neuropathy, and visual disturbance - to name a few!  

Prescription drugs for diabetes and for suppression of stomach acid (amongst others) can seriously impair absorption of vitamin B12. 

 Signing this petition means that together, we can be a catalyst for change.

Please help our doctors to recognise and treat the cause and not nutrient deficiency induced symptoms.

Dr Margaret Chan, we know you can help us to make a difference to medical education. The Sixty-eighth session of the World Health Assembly 18–26 May 2015 is an ideal forum to discuss this. 

GMC - Niall Dickson, by implementing this crucial change to medical education, It can only serve to help your members and their patients. 


(PLEASE NOTE: It is advised that any patient reading this petition is properly tested for key deficiencies (Vitamin B12 especially), BEFORE any supplementation due to skewing of results and potential delayed diagnosis and that you do not stop any prescribed medication without your doctors guidance).


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