One Minute Laughter for World Peace at the Opening of 2020 Tokyo Olympics”

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To: H. E. Thomas Bach, The President of International Olympic Committe,  H. E. Mr. Yoshiro Mori,  Chairman, Japan Olympic Committee, 

We, the undersigned, are strongly requesting that you consider incorporating “One Minute Laughter Yoga” into the Opening Ceremony of 2020 Olympics and Paralympics.

1. “Laughter” is a globally common language.

We consider it very meaningful for peaceful Japan to globally dispatch a message of laughter, the internationally common language, during the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics and Paralympics.

2.  “Laughter” removes any fence or wall among people’s hearts.

Laughter is contagious. No war can be fought in laughter. Incorporating laughter into the Opening Ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics/Paralympics is tantamount to dispatching a positive message for world peace from Japan.

3.  “Laughter” promotes health

    Laughing increases endorphins, the hormone that induces happiness, and decreases cortisol that is a stress hormone. Irrespective of the age, sex or physical condition, laughter can promote both physical and mental health in a person. Laughter has a relaxing effect. It will help all the participating athletes to demonstrate the maximum result of their daily efforts.

 “Laughter Yoga” is a healthy exercise combining laughing to the conventional yoga breathing. Though called yoga, no difficult pose is required. It is a yoga method of breathing that takes in fresh oxygen into one’s body by laughing out loud. It does not depend on humors or jokes, but considers laughing as an exercise. It is said that since our brain cannot differentiate between fake laughter from genuine laughter, even a fake laughter has the same positive effect on the brain.  Laughter Yoga was developed by an Indian medical doctor, Madan Katarina in 1995. Today, over 3 million people practice laughter yoga worldwide. In Japan, there are more than 17000 Laughter Yoga Clubs all over the world and 700 Laughter Clubs in Japan. 

We ardently believe that Laughter Yoga can lead to the spirit of “Encouraging the establishment of peaceful societies that emphasize human dignity” elucidated in the Olympic Charter. Laughter can support your effort to make 2020 Olympics into an event which naturally accepts and recognizes differences in races,