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How many times have you reported animal abuse or neglect to the RSPCA? How many times have they actually taken any action? On many occasions I’ve seen and heard too many times about livestock, in particular horses, that are being abused or neglected and RSPCA don’t seem to want to help!!! Or is it that they don’t have the resources and experience? Are the larger animals too expensive to spend the money, time and effort into rehabilitating them, even though the RSPCA's mission is to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection? This is a body that has the power to seize these animals, to protect them and provide them with the care they deserve. Not just leave them in the paddocks with their abusive owners and forget about them. 

We must introduce another governing body who actually cares about the neglected and abused horses and who have the experience and knowledge to deal with these complaints. It’s been proven over and over that RSPCA would prefer to turn a blind eye than actually seize or help the larger animals. Too many horses are dropping dead in paddocks due to RSPCA not taking the appropriate action.

Please help by signing this petition and sharing it.  We need urgent action to take place for a Royal Commission into the RSPCA and to appoint another Governing Body with more experience and knowledge about livestock. Someone who actually cares about the animals not just the donations