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Remove Plastic Particles From Your Toothpastes.

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A group of dental hygienists have started finding tiny particles of plastics, listed as "polyethylene" in the ingredients, are being retained in the mouth. More importantly these particles are remaining under the gums after brushing. This is potentially harmful to the health of the gums.

How you ask? We already know that foreign objects cause inflammation when they get under the gums, think about the last time you ate popcorn. How long did it take you to get that poporn husk out from your gums and the tenerness where it was stayed a few days. This is the same premiss that I believe can be causing harm to unknowing consumers. 

Since polyethylene is not biodegradable many of these particles are likely staying under the gums for months until a professional cleaning is done. Because the avergae person is brushing twice a day the plastic particles are being reintroduced daily. Even skilled dental professionals have found these plastic particles difficult to remove due to their small size and slippery nature. Signing this petition is not only important for dental professionals, but everyone. As consumers, we have the right to buy health products that are healthy!

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