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University Health Network Dismantling of the Endocrine Cancer Program

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We are neuroendocrine cancer (NET) patients at the University Health Network (UHN) who are directly impacted by decisions made by UHN leadership regarding the endocrine cancer program at UHN.  NET cancer is a complex cancer of the neuroendocrine cells that is difficult to diagnose and requires specialized pathology for accurate diagnosis and specialized knowledge for appropriate care.  UHN was a leader in endocrine and neuroendocrine cancer care up until a few years ago, when they began dismantling the endocrine cancer program.  In the last few years UHN has:

  • Conducted an internal research investigation that concluded Dr. Ezzat and Dr. Asa were guilty of research misconduct, despite evidence to the contrary
  • Shut down the endocrine research lab led by Dr. Shereen Ezzat and Dr. Sylvia Asa, halting much needed research into NETs
  • Restricted Dr. Ezzat from supervising students, impacting the transfer of knowledge to the next generation of potential NET physicians
  • Fired specialized pathologist Dr. Sylvia Asa, resulting in the loss of expert endocrine tissue analysis
  • Dismantled specialized endocrine pathology structure

It is clear that endocrine cancer patients are being targeted by UHN because of their pursuit of Drs. Asa and Ezzat.  We have already lost the knowledge and expertise of Dr. Sylvia Asa and the ongoing pursuit of Dr. Ezzat could very well result in the loss of this kind, compassionate, incredibly knowledgeable doctor who is vital to our care.

We expect the medical professionals who run UHN to uphold the oath that they have taken to put their patients first. 

Please support us in our quest to have research into our cancer reinstated, specialized endocrine pathology reinstated, trainees in the endocrine cancer clinic reinstated and our specialists treated with the respect they deserve.  What has our healthcare system and our society come to if we cannot respect and uphold individuals who have saved countless lives?