I want offence description on challan receipt of Pune Traffic Police

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When you purchase a 10 rupees thing from a shop. If you ask for a bill then you see that name of 10 rupees thing written on that bill which shows us the transparency and it also makes sure that we have got what we asked for. But Yesterday September 15, 2018 Pune Traffic Police charged me a challan of INR 1200 for one way wrong side violation. But when you see that receipt created by their online payment swipe machine it actually does not give you any information like for what offence the challan was created. Which is a big disappointment. They might knowingly or unknowingly slap you more charges and you might not even know what you have been charged with. Though this money is huge but I have no issue paying them another thousand if the system is bit more transparent. If that slip has the full description of committed violation. Then it can become more authentic and transparent.

Though I have huge respect for traffic police men as they manage our huge city but yesterday experience has been a bit of trauma for me. I was stopped at Hinjewadi Chowk by traffic police for this one way wrong side violation as I was not aware of it and they just caught me when I just came on that one way. So that is OK I committed a mistake and they did their duty. I tried to explain them my scenario as I was not aware of your recently created one way but then also if you find it a mistake then tell me what is the charge of challan for this violation. Cop told me that it would cost me INR 1200 or a jail of six months. I found it bit higher though I was in this situation for first time. So I asked him to show some official rate card. He was not having any rate card with him. He said the rates have been revised recently but he must have a notification. How would I know how I am being charged. They might charged me higher just because I am not opting for options other than challan. I am a teacher and an RTI activist, In lot of cases I have found out these people prefer other modes than challan. I can prove it if required. And that's the only issue we are not able to stop corruption in these cases. As I was asking so many questions the police man got angry with no reason and said you are challenging us. He threaten me that they will register now a case on me and will send me to Jail. He behave very badly. I was sad and confused like really they will send me to jail for this such a huge crime just because he is feeling offended on asking the required questions.

They took me to their police station in Wakad (Under Flyover) and there I had a discussion with in-charge of that station. Though he was not that rude but he also did not appear that responsible. He asked for my all documents and I said I have all of them then He told me that you are being charged for only one offence that is wrong side riding on one way and challan fee is INR 1200. Just pay that and you can then go. So I had to pay those 1200 but on slip there is no offence description available. There are lot of not for use of customer information over there but that particular useful information is missing. Pune traffic Police is written 3 times and they can very well include this information which can bring lot of transparency and accountability into the system. 

So I would like all the change makers to support me in this petition so that you can get a better version of this challan receipt. I also request Shri K Venkatesham sir CP Pune Police if he can help us in getting this done.

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