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End unfair dress code policies and consequences enforced by EDHS and SISD

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Young women and girls come in many different shapes and sizes. We cannot control the ways in which our bodies look. El Dorado High School is uncompromising and lacks understanding of this fact, and practices constant enforcement of their dress code and subsequent consequences which are unfair to girls. The staff and other possible employees enforcing dress code  treat students with little regard for their existence, and approaches students in disrespectful manners, leaving them with feelings of shame to face exaggerated consequences for minor offenses. Girls are repeatedly and consistently being cheated from their education and class time by being taken to the office to change. Inability or unwillingness to comply leads to major consequences such as discipline referrals, community service, and suspension, all which end up on a permanent record. A students future should never be compromised for something such as dress code. Even when students comply by all means necessary, they are still given these consequences based on the number of times they have broken dress code. Only the second time a student is out of dress code, they are given a discipline referral. Throughout the last four years, their dress code has been inconsistent both in actuality, enforcement, and commucation wise. Students with specific body characteristics may also be unfairly effected by this issue, as they may be more noticeable. The female students of El Dorado High School are tired of their education being compromised and being punished for having bodies. Such enforcement at the rate of the status quo of girls bodies and choice of dress is discriminatory and criminalizes young girls for such minor offenses. Such dress code and enforcement also sexualizes young girls and their bodies. The dress code and manner of punishment must be reevaluated to not negatively impact and take away from our education. Every signature on this petition represents a girl at El Dorado High School who has felt personally targeted by the dress code enforcement on the basis of dress code, and has felt discriminated against on the basis of their sex. A signature may also represent a student or other person in support of this cause. 

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