Ask Dallas College to remove Honorlock/Lockdown as its a violation of student privacy.

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Dallas College and its separate campuses and encouraging the use of Honorlock and Respondus Lockdown Browser webcam to proctor online tests.

These program's require a webcam and microphone (that you have to provide them access to) in order to function. It can also collect your face, driver's license, and network information. It might also ask you to do a 360-degree scan of your room before a test. This is both a blatant violation of our privacy as students and infeasible for many. If a professor requires this program you're forced to waive your privacy rights or get a 0% on an exam. 

Additionally, many students may not have access to a webcam or microphone on their computer and would forced to try to purchase one amidst a pandemic when many have lost their main source of income and are already financially stretched. 

The way both Honorlock and Respondus lockdown browser function is a massive breach of privacy and can lead to a lot of personal student data or even data from other devices connected to the same network to be collected. We risk having our personal data from our homes being held by an unknown third-party, or even worse being sold. 

Please stand with us against this program that blatantly violates our rights and sign this petition. 

Schools should not have the ability to take away our privacy out of suspicion. The school or company does not have a right to our personal homes and data. 

In addition, there have been many reported cases that Honorlock specifically can cause issues with connection. Having video and audio recorded during and exam puts significant strain on the home internet, much more than the measly 756kbps up and 1.5mbps down. Many tests will have such limits that even a second disconection can cause a student to lose time or risk being locked out of the test. Why should we take that risk? 

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