Stop Workplace Bullying by CEO Douglas "Doug" Badertscher, Sarasota Orthopedic Associates

Stop Workplace Bullying by CEO Douglas "Doug" Badertscher, Sarasota Orthopedic Associates

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naomi chokr started this petition to Physician & Managing Partner at Sarasota Orthopedic Associates Dr. Jeffrey Silverstein and

Did you know that at the age of 37 you can still be bullied? Did you know that Florida doesn’t protect its employees from workplace hostility or bullying? What if that bully was the CEO? Unfortunately, this is why I’m writing this petition. 

I would like to emphasize that this is not about the care the physicians at SOA give their patients. The SOA physicians are very good at what they do. I would send my own family to get treated by them. 

This petition is to reach out to the Managing Partners of SOA, Dr. Jeffrey Silverstein & Dr. Gregory Farino. Please hear us and do not dismiss the facts that are being given to you. Douglas Badertscher, CEO running your company is causing harm.  He has created a hostile work environment in terms of bullying, intimidation, verbal, emotional and mental abuse. He resorts to fear management, stalking employees personal life and threats by using the company legal team. His abuse is well known and not a hidden secret. Please help create a healthy work environment for the employees that work hard for you and want your practice to succeed. Please make this change.  The physicians, employees, and managers who run SOA daily are really good people, empathetic and hard working. No one deserves to work in an abusive environment.

I know you care but may not know how to proceed. Stand next to the people who really run SOA. All current and past employees... deserve better.  You both can change lives and make a difference.  

Ask yourself this Dr. Silverstein & Dr. Farino...would you want your children treated the way we have been treated by this bully? You would be appaled if they were.


To all who are reading this please stand with me. I resfuse to be silenced by threats and intimidation.  My story below...

I’m 37 and I experienced intimidation, hostility, stalking, (yes stalking) bullying and had to resign from my recent place of employment because of this. Actually, it’s called “constructive discharge” look it up.

On September 19, 2018 I had no other choice but to resign from SOA.  I have a past that continues to haunt me. I informed all those that needed to be informed including the CEO. I stated clearly to that CEO that I suffer from depression, anxiety & PTSD and I hit rock bottom because of this and was grateful for my current job. He proceeded to do the following for 2 Days, 3 meeting total: 

1. Stalk my personal information, called people to do his own investigation.
2. Pulled up all of my past info, made me sit for 1.5 hours to interrogate me. 
3. Accused me of all wrong doing. 
4. Did not stop his verbal/mental/emotional abuse when I asked him to “please stop”
5. I had a full blown panic attack and he had me removed from the office no pay because of #4 and the panic attack. 
6. I filed a formal HR complaint, HR was present the entire time anyway... nothing happened. 
7. I reported to the Managing Partners...nothing happened. 
8. I then received, emails, FedEx overnight letters to threaten, intimidate and silence me. Sent by their lawyers.

All of this interrogation and intimidation happened in two days!!! It was a horrifying experience that HR even advised me to resign because he was certain I would be called in to be interrogated and intimidated daily. So, I resigned.

I reached out to a minimum of 20 law firms...because I was certain this was not right. Right? I was wrong.

This morning I spoke to the only lawyer who believed me, who did extensive research because it’s people like this CEO that motivates him. “I did nothing wrong as their employee,” he said. I actually did everything right...but Florida as stated by this lawyer is “pro employer and 40 out of 50 states should have a law to protect me...Florida is not one of them.” This lawyer, has known about this CEOs reputation and just like me...wanted to stop him from continuing to abuse more employees.

It was disheartening to hear that this morning. This is out of my control and I don’t have our law to protect me. I’m writing this because I refused to be silenced and to allow the continued bullying. If I stay silent...then I’m complicit. I refused to be intimidated by a CEO, by a man, by managing partners who are also men...that refuse to protect their employees.... mostly female. It’s disappointing to continue to see these “partners” look away and allow him to rule with fear & intimidation.

It’s very sad that the recent #metoo movement doesn’t include this. And by no means am I comparing the two...but I thought we now lived in a world where we could fight for protection from all types abuse.

Let’s not forget that bullying & intimidation is destructive even for adults too. And as adults we are active participants of this. So please be mindful. Google it...there’s more if it than we’d like to acknowledge.

I was never bullied as a kid. But as an adult it happened more than I’d like. It happened to me recently. Im smart, Im easy going, Im a hard worker, I’m kind, Im a fighter and I was bullied.

He has silenced many... I refuse to be one of them.

I’m 37 years old...


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