NAVE Veterinary Group, Please End Declawing In Your Las Vegas Practices.

NAVE Veterinary Group, Please End Declawing In Your Las Vegas Practices.

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City the Kitty started this petition to Owner of NAVE Veterinary Group Dr James Nave

Dr James Nave opened Tropicana Animal Hospital in 1974 and started accumulating more vet practices in the Las Vegas area.

(Photo is from a facebook comment on Durango Animal Hospital's page. Durango is a NAVE Veterinary Group practice.)

On his website,, it says Dr Nave has a high standard of Veterinary medicine. 

Does Dr James Nave think that declawing is a high standard in veterinary medicine? Please politely ask him.

NAVE Veterinary Group consists of 19 general practices, one specialty hospital, and three emergency hospitals.

15 of those practices perform declawing. In fact, many of them also perform 4 paw declaws.

A bill to ban declawing was introduced in Nevada in early 2021. The bill sailed through the Assembly with a bipartisan vote. It went to the Senate Natural Resources Committee that is composed of 5 Senators. It had to come out of this committee to have a full vote in the Senate.

The only organization that opposed this bill was the Nevada Veterinary Medical Association (NVMA).

Dr James Nave's daughter, Alisa Nave Worth, is the lobbyist for the Nevada Veterinary Medical Association.

She submitted the NVMA's letter of opposition to this important bill.
She told us that the fate of the bill had nothing to do with the efforts of her law firm or with her intervention.

It is our understanding that 2 Senators supported this bill and 3 Senators opposed it, so they decided to not have an official vote on it.
Democrat Fabian Donate- Yes
Democrat Melanie Scheible- Yes
Democrat Senator Chris Brooks– No
Republican Pete Goicoechea – No
Republican Ira Hansen – No
(Republican legislators often vote no on bills that are introduced by Democrat legislators.)

 Why wouldn’t Democrat Chris Brooks join his two Democrat colleagues in support of this bill? 
If he would have, the bill would have had a full vote in the Senate and most likely would have easiily passed like it did in the Assembly.

Nevada could have been the 2nd state in America that banned this cat cruelty. (New York State banned declawing in 2019.)

Alisa Nave Worth is good friends with Senator Chris Brooks.

Dr James Nave, Alisa Nave Worth, and Alisa's husband have donated to Sen. Chris Brooks in the past years.

Was Senator Chris Brooks doing a favor to the NVMA and his friend, Alisa Nave Worth, so that the NVMA member vets and Dr James Nave's declawing vet practices could keep profiting from this cat cruelty?

We tried to ask Senator Chris Brooks why he wouldn’t support this bill but he hasn’t replied back and also blocked us on Twitter.  Please send him a polite note and ask him why he opposed this bill.

Here's our short story about this. How the NV cat protection bill died in committee.

Declawing is cruel, painful, and harms the long-term well-being of cats. It is below the standard of care.

Declawing is the amputation of a cat's last toe bone. It has absolutely no benefit for the cat and is always bad for a cat's long-term health and well-being.

Progressive, ethical, and humane veterinarians and veterinary companies have DONE THE RIGHT THING and stopped declawing because they know that it is really bad for cats and there are always humane alternatives.

Now that they know better, they are doing better.

VCA, Banfield, American Assoc. of Feline Practitioners (AAFP), Fear Free Certified Practices and Mission Veterinary Partners (MVP) have banned declawing in their practices. (Fear Free Pets will ban declawing on Dec. 31, 2021.)

NAVE Veterinary Group, please do your part to help protect cats from this barbaric cruelty and ban declawing.

Thank you,

 City the Kitty and supporters

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!