Change The CFISD Clear Backpack Policy

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     After the recent tragedies, it has been made clear that we must take action to protect the lives of our students. While it is much appreciated that the Cy-Fair Administration has been making an effort to protect our children, it may be in vain. A clear backpack policy will do nothing but simply increase the risk of another tragedy. The root of a vast majority of these events is bullying. Exposing the personal items of students will increase bullying, and will inevitably increase the risk of a shooter. A standard school backpack is not large enough to hold heavy armament, and forces a shooter to wear a large backpack, or carry a duffel bag. Clear backpacks expose personal items including feminine hygiene products, gym/sports clothing, and other grooming products that students would rather keep private. Allowing students to carry instrument cases and duffel bags are the real risk, and allowing students to carry them without check is a much higher risk then allowing them to wear regular backpacks. Not only does requiring our students to wear clear backpacks not reduce any risk, it may also increase it. Instrument cases and duffel bags as stated earlier are more practical for carrying these weapons, such as the infamous AR-15. Weapons such as these are too large to be carried in a backpack, and require larger bags. Students with harmful intent will eventually realize that these instrument cases may be used to house large weapons, and won't even consider using a backpack in the first place.


     A more reasonable and logical solution would be simply enforcing a size limit on backpacks. Students are provided a locker to hold any extra books and other items that may not fit in their backpacks. A school filled with students who carry standard sized backpacks is a safer school. 


     Duffel bags and instrument cases should be more highly 'regulated'. They should only be carried by members of the band, orchestra etc. and by athletes who need to carry their sports gear to and from their homes.


     While we all appreciate the efforts made by our Cy-Fair Administration, we would like to offer a different solution that would retain the privacy of our students, while protecting them all the more.


Thank you.