200 animals might lose their home!

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El Hogar is the animal sanctuary managed by vegan activist Elena Tova in Catalunya. The ProVegan Foundation just sent her a legal document stating that she needs to leave those lands within a year – it means that her 200 animals will lose their home!

Four years ago, the ProVegan Foundation committed to the cause of Elena’s sanctuary, which then was called “El Hogar de Luci”. They bought around 30 hectares of land that Tova herself had been searching for two long years – paying for her own costs, trips, etc. The lands were built on with the very hands of El Hogar volunteers and with the money of their members, teamers and sponsors.

In that very day it was promised that those animals, victims of mistreat, exploitation, abandonment and any kind of abuse – including sexual – , would be able to live in peace to the end of their days in “El Hogar ProVegan”.

Now those promises are just idle talk, as it seems that the wealthy management of the Foundation has changed their minds and wants to kick Elena out in one year’s time. Even worse, they told her that she can leave the animals to them, if that’s fine for her – as if they were objects that you can just dispose of!

For Tova, those animals are her family. It’s now a decade that she’s been sharing their learning and their wonderful moments of joy, weeping in their pain and taking care of them when they were sick. Do people in ProVegan really think that she’s giving them up without a fight? No way!

And here is where we need you. We need you to sign for Elena and the inhabitants of “El Hogar”, so that they can stay in the lands that were their sanctuary, their home, until now. A NPO without any subsidies cannot pay for new lands. Moreover, for animalistic ethical and moral reasons, the Foundation shouldn’t take the lands away from them.

We want the ProVegan Foundation to give the lands to the animals and to comply with their animalistic rules. We want to achieve it thanks to the social pressure of all animal lovers, of all the fair and good people that follow us, and of the associations and sanctuaries that have already showed publicly their support.

If you also feel that the eviction of 200 lives is unfair, please help us by signing and sharing this petition!