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PLEASE give the 2 spotted dolphins a larger home

In 2009, activists Ric & Lincoln O'Barry were filmed in the Taiji Whale Museum. They stood in front of what is quite possibly the WORLD'S SMALLEST DOLPHIN TANK. At the time, there were three spotted dolphins in the tank.  Sadly, since that day, one of the three dolphins has passed away. The two remaining spotted dolphins, nicknamed "Sad" and "Lonely" by members of the Save Japan Dolphins team float in a perpetual coma-like state in the tiny aquarium. There is simply no room for them to do anything else. PLEASE help them by signing this petition and sending a message to the Taiji Whale Museum asking for more humane conditions for these sentient beings.  They deserve so much better - YOU can help make that happen.  Won't you?

Sad and Lonely as filmed by Brian Barnes of Save Japan Dolphins in May 2011:

Thank you!

The Team at Save Misty the Dolphin

Save Misty the Dolphin is a social media campaign committed to ending the slaughter & captivity of marine mammals in Taiji & worldwide.

This petition was delivered to:
  • World Association of Zoos and Aquariums
    Gerald Dick, Ph.D., Executive Director
  • Taiji Whale Museum
    Dr. Hayato Sakurai, Curator

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