Install overdue State Animal Welfare Board (#SAWB) & #SPCA in all Indian State & District

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Hardly 5 SAWBs may be in place. Shocking isn't it ? Sad for the animals too.  The Supreme Court in its 2009 ruling mandated that all states must set up the SAWBs within 3 months , but many have not , and most SAWB's are non existent or non functional. AWBI sent a circular to Chief Secretaries of all states in Nov 2015 as well, but little has been done. States look at the SAWBs as superfluous/unimpacttful. For eg in Bihar, till 2012 they didn't think it necessary , in Maharashtra they had not met for 11 years since 2002 and in Karnataka, there is none, as is in most states. Perhaps Delhi, Uttaranchal & Maharashtra have SAWB's,  but where are the REST ? ANIMAL WELFARE SUFFERS, while officials care two hoots whether this important body  can be aware of, let alone monitor animal welfare in the state .The indifference & breaking of the law has caused serious animals and animal lovers both, as there is no mechanism to implement or administer animal welfare, PCA and other rules at state levels. Without them, what can AWBI do as a standalone national organization  whether it is in Chennai or now , Haryana ?

The (SAWB) State Animal Welfare Boards are the body through which the AWBI ( Animal Welfare Board of India) functions and implements the PCA and related rules. Without the state bodies , the functions of  animal welfare, implementation and monitoring are severely hampered .'Acting on a Supreme Court order dated August 6, 2008, the Union government issued the directive to all the state governments to constitute their SAWB within three months. The main objective was to promote animal welfare and protect animals from unnecessary suffering as well as to ensure proper enforcement of the provisions of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act, 1960, in the states.' Animal Welfare state wise is hugely hampered by this.

It is expected then that SPCA at Districts also seem non functional .'The Union government, vide a notification dated March 26, 2001, asked all the state governments to establish SPCAs in every district within six months. These societies were intended to support the government and local bodies in enforcing the provisions of the Act. Scrutiny of the department records by the auditors revealed that the SPCAs, under the chairmanship of the district magistrates, were established in all districts, except Rohtas, between January, 2008 to June, 2010. "It was also observed that in the test-checked districts, these societies were inactive and non-functional ever since their establishment," the PAG (Audit) R B Sinha has said in his report."

Statement of Policy of the board (GUIDELINES OF THE FUNCTIONING OF THE BOARD) To achieve the above policy the AWBI shall:

A. In order to institutionalize the animal welfare movement in the country, the board will take action: To establish State Animal Welfare Boards, to define their duties and to ensure that necessary provision of funds are made for the functioning of the board by the state. To establish District Animal Welfare Boards which will monitor the implementation of PCA Act and the rules made there under, and to take action for the welfare of animals in the district. 3. To make a database of NGOs in each district and to see that they liaise with and are helped by the State and District Boards and the local administration in their work. 4. To establish one SPCA in each taluka, which will have a hospital/shelter, attached to it on land given by the local administration and which will have inspectors employed by it to check the abuse/misuse of animals.

We request that the AWBI , step up on this important implementation issue and absolutely insist and personally monitor the setting up the SAWB and district/ taluk offices , as per their policy. We as the public are happy to step in to support this.

Dog Breeding & Marketing Rules 2017 , and Pet Shop Rules have been gazetted at center but yet have not been pushed through at BBMP Council Meeting. For this also, the SAWB Ian required to implement . Many animal lives couldn’t be saved!& cruelty avoided if we do this .