Save 75 Acres of Forest at Super Corridor Indore from Metro Rail Depot Construction

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Recently District Administration of Indore, Forest Department had finalized the 75 Acres of Forest Land between Super Corridor and Chota Bangarda Village for the construction of Metro Rail Depot. This is the only remaining Forest Patch of the area which have more than 300 small and big trees, a grassland, 35 + species of birds, some species of wild animals and reptiles. This area also have  two water bodies.  The construction of Metro Rail Depot on this forest patch results into the destruction of  these trees and grassland, displacement of birds, wild animals and finally into the destruction of overall bio-diversity of the area as well as  the bio diversity of the city whose forests, wetlands and green belts are in constant pressure since last two decades. Also the amount of public money used in the Plantation, Maintenance, Labor and Salaries will go in vain. Government is allotting the land in lieu of this forest land in another district of Madhya Pradesh at the distance of more than 100 kilometers from this Forest Patch but it will not helpful in the conservation of environment of the Indore City. Government of Madhya Pradesh , District Administration of Indore, Indore Municipal Corporation, Indore Development Authorities, Narmada Project etc  are already removed innumerable trees in and around Indore City and also acquired large Forest Land for various Construction Projects. Alternate Plantation is already failed and climate of Indore City is badly effected, average temperature is rising, ground water level is declining, monsoon rains are also decreasing and getting irregular year by year, pollution level is also increasing in the city.   So this forest land acquisition must be cancelled for the betterment of city's environment and bio-diversity otherwise Indore will suffer  irreparable and permanent  loss of environment and biodiversity.