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Howard County families working together to keep music and Arts in our schools

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The Howard County Public School System has long been known for its commitment to excellence in Music and Arts education. Children of all grades and educational levels have been shown to benefit, and enhancement of cognitive and social-emotional skills reach across differences in racial and ethnic backgrounds as well as economic status.

Therefore it is with great concern that we are responding to news of changing the elementary curriculum and schedule in ways that reduce Music and Art instruction and eliminate small-group instrumental instruction. These changes also affect the current GT programs. Because it appears that these changes were intended to move forward in complete secrecy, and there exists serious concerns of intimidation of our music and arts professionals to achieve that end, we, the undersigned, make the following requests:

1. That any changes to the elementary curriculum and schedule be developed with significant and meaningful contribution from teachers, administrators, and parents.

2. That any such plan developed is shared freely and openly with the public with time built into the process for discussion and parental input before being put to a vote by the Board of Education.

3. That, in order to guarantee the achievement of these goals, they shall be made verifiable through the appointment of observers independent of the board/central office staff, that is, one each from PTACHC and HCEA.

Lastly, in light of recent inattention to stakeholder's rights in the educational process, we request that the steps outlined above be a model for other similar changes coming from the Superintendent's Office and Central Office Staff.

Out of respect for the Howard County School System, support for its teachers, administrators, and students, we, the undersigned parents look for an immediate change to the present situation and a brighter future for the citizens of our educational community.

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