Pharmac funding for Palbociclib for breast cancer treatment

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Over 600 people per year die in New Zealand due to Stage IV (advanced) breast cancer.  Stage IV breast cancer is cancer that has spread to other organs, such as the bones, liver, brain, lungs.  There is no cure and it is considered terminal.   There is research ongoing for a cure, but it's not a reality at this time. 

Palbociclib is one of the only drugs which has been shown to extend life expectancy by years by keeping the hormone suppression medications working.  It is now approved by Pharmac but not funded.  The cost is over $5500 per month.  Imagine having young children and having to use all your savings, top up your mortgage, go into debt, and do fundraising to have a few more years with your family.  This is our reality.  

Please help us tell David Clark, the Minister of Public Health, that we matter and should have a chance to extend our lives.  We are asking him to work with us and Pharmac to get Palbociclib funded so it's available for all of us.  

Thank you!

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