WHO: End the suffering of the Ebola crisis. Test and distribute homeopathy as quickly as possible to contain the outbreaks.

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WHO: End the suffering of the Ebola crisis. Test and distribute homeopathy as quickly as possible to contain the outbreaks.

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Fran Sheffield started this petition to Dr. Daniel Kertesz (Acting WHO Representative to Sierra Leone) and

Homeopathy has a proven track record of treating and preventing serious epidemic diseases.

It’s used by governments for dengue fever, leptospirosis, epidemic fever, malaria, and Japanese encephalitis epidemics, and, historically, for other serious contagious diseases.

The appropriate homeopathic medicine (remedy) is likely to be just as effective against the Ebola virus.

Homeopathic remedies are quick to produce in large quantities, inexpensive, easily distributed, and have an excellent safety profile.

They are ideally suited to the difficulties and constraints of Ebola-affected countries, as identified by WHO.


Homeopathy first rose to prominence 200 years ago through its effective treatment and prevention of serious epidemic diseases.

It continues to be used by Governments today to treat or prevent epidemics:

- The Indian government uses it for  malaria, Japanese encephalitis, dengue fever, and epidemic fever

- The Cuban government uses it for leptospirosis epidemics and dengue fever outbreaks

- Trials funded by the Brazilian government reduced the incidence of meningococcal disease across tens of thousands of Brazilians during outbreaks and epidemics

- The governments of Thailand, Colombo and Brazil use it to manage dengue fever

(See: http://homeopathyplus.com.au/human-homeopathic-prevention-records-studies-and-trials/)


WHO has identified three problems that hinder the containment of the Ebola virus in the current outbreaks. Homeopathy offers a simple and practical solution to each of them.

-- Problem 1 --

All conventional potential treatments are experimental; they have not been properly tested in humans and their safety, possible side-effects and effectiveness are unknown. 

...Homeopathic Intervention

Homeopathy has been recognised by WHO for many years as the fastest growing and second most widely used system of medicine in the world (World Health Report, WHO Global Atlas of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Map Volume, 2005).

Homeopathy has an enviable safety record with extensive use in newborns to the elderly, and during pregnancy or debility.

Homeopathy has a validated principle of prescribing, and with over 200 years of treatment and prophylactic use, its remedies are no longer considered ‘experimental’.

Governments today still use it to treat and prevent serious epidemic disease. (See again: http://homeopathyplus.com.au/human-homeopathic-prevention-records-studies-and-trials/)

Preventative effects are in place from the first dose of a prophylactic remedy – there is no need to wait for an antibody response.

-- Problem 2 --

Supplies of potential conventional treatments are limited or already exhausted. New supplies are not expected for months and, even then, in amounts too small to make a significant impact on the outbreak.

...Homeopathic Intervention

Several traditional homeopathic remedies have already been identified as potential treatment or prophylactic remedies for Ebola disease. In-the-field testing is required to confirm which ones are the most suitable and effective.

Testing is simple and quick; treatment results will be known within 1 to 3 days, and prophylactic results at the end of incubation periods. Pre-emptive mass dosing is also possible during the testing phase.

In addition, a remedy prepared specifically from the Ebola virus may be an alternative to the identified traditional remedies.

(Other remedies prepared from disease pathogens and discharges currently provide prophylaxis for those at risk from the related disease; a remedy prepared from the Ebola virus is likely to do the same. This homeopathic principle is employed in the manufacture of vaccines which lack the speed, safety and cost-effectiveness of the homeopathically-prepared remedy.)

The process of preparing a remedy from the Ebola virus is relatively simple and a substantial quantity – enough to medicate a large village - could be made within the hour.

The remedy prepared from the Ebola virus may also be useful for treatment, but this would have to be confirmed by in-the-field testing.

Once the best treatment and prophylactic remedies are known, supplies to treat all affected areas can be produced within 24 hours from the affected regions or by external suppliers.

International homeopathic pharmacies are ready and willing to donate the identified traditional remedies immediately. All WHO has to do is ask, or respond to the offers of help.

-- Problem 3 --

Distribution and administration of conventional potential treatments in Ebola-affected areas are difficult as most require scarce or unavailable personnel, facilities, and infrastructure.

...Homeopathic Intervention

Homeopathic remedies are easily distributed with minimal risk to recipient and distributor once droplet infection control procedures are in place.

The remedies are dispensed as oral doses of small pills or drops of liquid. They don’t require complicated packaging, needles, syringes, highly-trained personnel, or a ‘cold chain’.

They can be easily distributed with simple instructions from person to person, at makeshift clinics or established hospitals, from the shelves of retail outlets or off the back of trucks. They can even be air-dropped into affected areas if needed.

Strict dosing supervision is not essential as homeopathically prepared remedies are free of toxic effects, even when taken in excess, making self or family medication a safe and logical option.


The current Ebola outbreak is a health crisis unparalleled in modern times.

It quickly outstripped human and medical resources to contain it and the number of those infected continues to grow.

To contain the disease a novel, rapid and unconventional response is needed.

We call on those within WHO in positions of authority and influence to:

1.  Look at homeopathy’s record in the treatment and prevention of serious epidemic disease

2.  Engage with qualified representatives from the homeopathic profession to formally identify the best-indicated remedies

3.  Test those remedies to determine which are best for the treatment and prevention of Ebola

4.  Obtain supplies of those remedies from waiting and concerned homeopathic pharmacies

5.  Bring the outbreaks under control by distributing these remedies as quickly as possible throughout the affected areas.

It doesn't have to be hard. Let's do the science and test the remedies with the view of bringing this devastating epidemic under control.

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