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SUPPORT L.H. Williams teacher, Robert “BJ” Shepherd ( )

To all my fellow parents at LH WILLIAMS, family, friends, Mr. Shepherd’s former students, and even strangers... I am asking for your support in asking Dr. Jones not to fire Mr. Shepherd! 

The new leadership of the the Bibb Association of Educators ( ) an affiliate of the Georgia Association of Educators and the National Education Association, ***ACCUSED*** Mr. Shepherd of fraud and had him arrested. Now, Dr. Curtis Jones will ask the Bibb County Board of Education on May 22 to, not only fire him, but to terminate his contract early leaving him with no source of income. 

I appreciate Mr. Shepherd so much for all that he has done for me and my kids. I know he has helped countless others. That’s why I am asking you to join me at this public hearing on May 22. If you can’t make it, show your support and SIGN & SHARE this petition. 

It’s not fair that his career is ruined because of accusations. Georgia law says to have someone arrested, all you need is probable cause and $25. 

To Dr. Jones and the Board of Education...IF you destroy this teacher’s life by firing him... then you are doing a DISSERVICE TO MY MY KIDS AND ALL OF THE KIDS IN PLEASANT HILL because he is a D@MN good teacher! 


Ms. Fields