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Save Real Inclusivity at Salt Lake Community College!

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This all started with the Christmas Tree, and now more things have unfolded...

Here at Salt Lake Community College on November 30, 2015 the auxiliary services put up a beautiful Christmas tree. The afternoon of the same day, all of the ornaments and beautiful decorations were taken off, and left the tree bare. I was very confused. The next day when I came to the campus, I noticed that replacing the ornaments we had snowflakes on our tree. The reason for this, was so that we could change some things on campus. We were to include other holidays by saying "Happy Holidays" and taking away the Christmas tree and by calling it a "Winter tree" and not the "Christmas tree." This seemed very weird to me, and took some time for me to be able to soak it in and understand, but by the end of that day I understood what was going on. The administration at Salt Lake Community College were trying to "include" other holidays by excluding Christmas. What? How does that even make sense?

We feel that we are not receiving a fair amount of representation from the diversity leaders here on campus. This being because there are other communities that are being represented for the entire year, for example; The LGBT Community will be receiving a Rainbow Crosswalk in front of 4 SLCC campuses around the valley, that will be permanent. There has been provided a "Quiet or Meditation" Room for students in the Student Life and Leadership office to pray if needed. Also there is a Multi-cutural Student Council to create awareness about culture. Now, those of us who celebrate Christmas can't have a simple tree up for the two weeks we are in classes of December?

So what have we done? The very first thing was, that very next day I started a petition here on campus, to bring back the Christmas tree. Now it has changed completely. The whole reason we celebrate Christmas is because it is for the birth of Christ, and what we should think about is what we are going to "give" for Christmas and not what are we going to "get" for Christmas. So that is when we realized we should not only fight for the Christmas tree back, but we should give the gift of the chance to celebrate ALL of the holidays that are celebrated at this time of the year. So we changed this petition to support all of the holidays being celebrated and received over 350 names, including the Student Senate, within just a couple days of students who agreed completely with us. We then presented it with the Vice President of Student Affairs Chuck Lepper, during the Executive Council of Students, who oversaw this decision to take the Christmas tree down, without even bringing it up with the Student Council thinking it was only affecting the couple of people who thought it was offensive, where as with these new policies, we have received many complaints by Students, Teachers, and other Administrators. We presented Dr. Lepper with this petition, and he took in our thoughts and told us he would get back with us in a couple of days. The Student Body President Carlos Moreno went to speak with Dr. Leppor concerning this matter but no compromise or solution was found. 

So we now are moving to the next step. Before this equality is abolished for celebrating the holidays, cultures, people and our beautiful differences at the end of each year, we want to involve the community to help us with this effort in fighting for inclusivity where we include rather than exclude; where we add rather than subtract. 


-We want to do this by having the Christmas tree to be set up for all to see, because it is a symbol for peace, love, giving, and much more to those who celebrate Christmas and those who don't.

-We want to display special holiday symbols and/or items from all of the other holidays and have educational facts about what they symbolize so those who don't celebrate these holidays can learn about them.

-We want to create an inter faith council that will act as a resource to teach about all faiths and what they have to offer. We need to educate our college and community about who our students are in efforts to create a more peaceful and loving environment. Knowledge is power, and by learning about our students and who they are, we learn how to embrace the differences rather than be afraid of the unknown.


If you are in support of this cause, please sign this petition. There are powers in numbers, and if you sign this petition you are supporting a more equal and friendly environment for the community at Salt Lake Community College. #InclusiveBruins

Finally, please share with your family and friends to sign as well for this cause.

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