Change Kahuku High's Racist Mascot

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Kahuku High's current mascot is the "Red Raider", a racist stereotype of the indigenous peoples of North America. Just like the NFL team named the "Washington Redskins" and the MLB team named the "Cleveland Indians", the "Red Raider" term and mascot is racially derogatory and demeaning towards the indigenous peoples of North America. Kahuku High's continued use of the mascot stems from roots of racist caricatures of indigenous North Americans and actively normalizes the use of racist stereotypes and racism in the school and the community.  the school's "Tomahawk Chop" chant at football games.

The best time to change the Kahuku High mascot was 70 years ago when it was first made official, but the second best time is today. The National Congress of American Indians has been working for years to remove racist mascots from schools. There is no place in this community for racism and racial stereotypes. Dr. Christina Kishimoto, Mr. Matt Ho, Dr. Donna Lindsey, the Hawai'i BOE, the Hawai'i DOE, and the Kahuku High Administration have the power to change Kahuku High's mascot and close this racist chapter in the school's history. We're calling on you to help make this change happen.