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Dr Chris Brown: No nose rings for pigs.

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TV vet, Dr Chris Brown, has inserted a metal ring into the delicate snout of a pig.


This is under the guise of stopping the pig from 'rooting' in soil. Rooting is a natural and instinctive behaviour that is considered to be one of a pig's most basic needs.*

Dr Chris Brown is condoning an animal being denied one of their most instinctive needs.

The RSPCA opposes using nose rings:
"The RSPCA believes that pigs must not be nose ringed to prevent them from rooting and foraging as the nose ring unreasonably restricts their normal behavioural patterns. Instead, pigs should be provided with alternative substrate to allow foraging behaviour while at the same time preventing adverse effects on the environment." .

We are concerned not only for the wellbeing of the pig featured on the show, but for the many more pigs who will suffer the same treatment, now that a TV vet has been seen doing this.

We urge Dr Chris Brown to learn more about pigs' biology, behaviour and needs. We ask that he then films and publishes on his show that he no longer condones this and why.

We urge him to publicise this on his Facebook page and issue an apology.

We ask that the RSPCA contacts Chris Brown and urges him to cease doing this.

* Studnitz, Merete, Jensen, Margit Bak et al, 2007, “Why do pigs root and in what will they root? A review on the exploratory behaviour of pigs in relation to environmental enrichment.” Applied Animal Behavior Science (107): 183-197.


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