Mandatory Face Coverings in BC Schools in September 2020

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Although the rising cases of COVID-19 in British Columbia, the provincial government announced that all students must return to school in September 2020. The risk of COVID-19 has not reduced since lock-down in March 2020. Regardless of the risk, the government is pressuring students to go to school without sufficient protection for the health of students.

The government has only imposed measures such as learning cohorts of 60 and 120, without any social distancing or mask requirement whatsoever. Public Health Ontario has previously mentioned in a report that children of all ages appear to be susceptible to the virus.

Both Dr. Bonnie Henry and the CDC have previously mentioned that non-medical masks or face coverings should be used in situations where physical distancing is impossible. To protect the safety of all students and teachers, face coverings should be mandatory for all in schools. 

In recent polls, over 73% of parents have expressed support for mandatory face coverings in schools. In addition, other provinces such as Alberta have imposed requirements for masks for all to ensure the safety of students, teachers and their families.

No student, teacher or their families should be forced to be in an environment where their health is in danger. Many recent studies have proved masks and face coverings useful to significantly reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

Together as British Columbians, we must work together to flatten the curve. Opening schools without any face covering requirements may possibly increase infections and endanger the safety of all. Face coverings should be MANDATORY for all in schools.