Demand BC implement a COVID-notification app

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Canada's federal COVID-alert app has been implemented in several provinces, and yet, British Columbia still has not joined in. 

Dr. Bonnie Henry stated that the federal app needs changes before they will implement it. She expressed a need for an app that people could download and use for specific gatherings that we attend (i.e a celebration or in a restaurant) so they could identify those specific times when there may have been a COVID exposure. There are apps out there that already exist for BC to take inspiration from, like "Citizen SafePass" for those in San Joaquin County in the US. There are even BC-made apps that are ready to be used.

Whether we use the federal app, or one created by others, British Columbians deserve to be notified of potential COVID exposures. No more waiting.

We demand that a COVID-alert or contact-tracing app be implemented in British Columbia.

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