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DPP - Appeal Parminder Singh's Inadequate Prison Sentence For Nikita Chawla's Murder

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Nikita Chawla was murdered by Parminder Singh on 9 January 2015. She was 23. Niki had a bright future ahead of her as a performing artist and choreographer but all that's been taken away.

Niki's killer has been sentenced in the Supreme Court of Victoria to 22 years in prison, but can apply for release on parole after 17 years. This same killer has two prior violent offences.

An autopsy report confirms that Niki's killer attacked her in her sleep. The killer chopped and stabbed her head, face and neck with a meat cleaver at least 35 times. Niki was terrorised and defenceless. The killer then dialled emergency services and asked for someone to 'collect the dead body' before going for a walk and abandoning Niki's dead body.

Her injuries were so extensive that when I had to identify her body at the Coroner's Court, the medical staff were only able to show me a quarter of her face because the rest had been hacked away with a meat cleaver. They apologised and said, 'Sorry, there's nothing more to see and her face has changed shape from her injuries.'

Her killer could be free in 17 years. Justice Lasry's sentence for such a brutal, callous murder that His Honour stated was an act of "vengeance and control" is manifestly inadequate.

The Director of Public Prosecutions, John Champion SC, has 28 days to appeal this sentence and should do so immediately. The Director can argue that the sentencing judge did not give enough weight to aggravating factors and gave too much weight to mitigating circumstances in sentencing this killer.

We need to stand together for victims of men's violence if we want change to occur. The law is excruciatingly slow to change and acknowledge its own shortcomings. Sadly, current prison sentencing for violent men remains pitifully low. 79 women have been murdered in Australia this year alone. 79.

Our community looks to the courts for justice. It's time to stop excuses and and demand justice for all women whose lives are taken by men they trust.

It's time for the Director who represents our community to mirror that expectation and appeal this sentence. It's time for courts to deter violent behaviour by giving appropriately lengthy sentences when such heinous crimes are committed.


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