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On December 13, 2012 over 98 graves were located at Dozier Reform School for Boys, where students were allegedy brutally beaten, raped and murdered. The school housed children as young as five years old, including male and female. Many children were committed to the school not having been charged with a crime but as wards of the state and orphans. As a result an recent investigation scientist and researcher at the University of South Florida.  98 deaths was found in historical documents, including boys aged 6-18 years and two adult staff members.'We anticipated finding about 25 to 30 grave shafts,' said Christian Wells, an assistant professor of anthropology who led the anthropological work at the site. 'But in fact we found a minimum of 50.'

These deaths occurred between 1914-1973. Beginning as early as 1901, reports of children being chained to walls in irons, brutal whippings, and peonage where found in the written reports. During the 13 years of operation, there were more than six state led investigation. A recent investigation in 2008-09, by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) into the death that occurred at the school, reported 81 school-related deaths from 1911-1973. It was reported that 31 of these boys were buried on the school's grounds, while others were shipped home to families or buried in unknown locations. There is very little documentation about the history of the cemetery or who is buried there. Many family members and witnesses believe children died under suspicious or questionable circumstances. The families of these missing children have many unanswered questions about who is buried at the school and the circumstances surrounding their deaths.The State of Florida opened its first juvenile center as the Florida State Reform School on January 1, 1900, which remained in operation until it was closed on June 30, 2011. A group of former students sued the state in 2010, but their case was dismissed as the statue of limitations had expired. Other students have written books about their experience. Please sign this petition, we need Attorney General Eric Holder to hold the State of Florida accountable for the murder, abuse and rape of the these children. No child deserve this kind of treatment, we can't allow this to happen to any child. Please help the support the "White House Boy" by seeking justice for the horrible nightmare they live with everyday.

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United States Department of Justice United States Attorney General Eric Holder
Office of Governor Rick Scott Governor Rick Scott
As a mother and grandmother, it saddens my heart to think about what these children went through. Many of you maybe be parents and grandparents and wouldn't want your child or children to suffer the way the White House Boys did at Dozier Reform School. Many of these men who are still alive today suffers from the nightmares of their painful childhood at Dozier Reform School. Please ask yourself one question, would you want someone to help you? It is our responsibility to help protect our children. As for the children to where murdered at Dozier Reform School, we need to put their souls and rest and peace by bring justice for them and their families.

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