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Stop the use of cats for dissection and switch to humane alternatives

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Imagine being in the position of being asked if you want to dissect a cat or not. Remember that furry friend you have at home who you consider your best friend, does its similar anatomy to a human really make it necessary to dissect on? This is the question that many students ask themselves when finding out that their school requires them to dissect a cat for a grade. But, for those of us who do not have a pet at home or realize that animals have empathy, it may be difficult to fully grasp that the dissection of these animals may seem beneficial, but in reality, is harmful. To others, the amount of cats dissected in schools may not seem significant but in fact, “…it is estimated that approximately 6 million animals are dissected annually across the country” (The National Anti-Vivisection Society). That tragic number is almost nearly as much as the amount of annual deaths caused by cancer! Unfortunately, we are unable to prevent the deaths caused by this deadly, relentless disease. Conversely, the lives of animals dissected in schools lies within your hands. You hold the key to their fate, so why not make the moral and ethical choice for those who cannot make the choice themselves? This is important because countless lives are not only being wasted, but they are being wasted relentlessly when there are cost effective, compassionate alternatives. 

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