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STOP DOW CHEMICAL. PREVENT GASSING RESIDENTS in Tampa, Florida or any other neighborhood in America by signing to STOP TOXIC CARCINOGENIC CHEMICALS in our environment.  Curfew by Dow Chemical (1,3-Dichloropropene) is made by the same folks who brought us Agent Orange.

It is a Carcinogen: IT CAUSES CANCER.   
1,3 Dichloropropene is completely banned in Europe.                    
It kills BIRDS, BEES and FISH. Endangers the health of our NEIGHBORS & PETS and those who cannot leave for days. It should not be used in residential areas and confined to agriculture, if that.

It is used on high school athletic fields. Ridiculous. Immoral.

WHAT ABOUT PROPERTY RIGHTS AND GAS DRIFT?  The EPA buffer zone was changed based on research done by DOW CHEMICAL.

PREVIOUS APPLICATIONS MADE PEOPLE SICK. See  Tampa, Dunedin, Tarpons Springs, Florida and who knows where else?

Read the Precautionary Principle: DO NO HARM.

Stop cancer in our lifetime and sign this petition please. 

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