DougCo to Stay w/ Tri-County Health Department

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This is a petition to demand that Douglas County stays with Tri-County Health Department, as our Douglas County commissioners had announced on July 9th, 2020, that they will be advancing actions that would allow Douglas County to exit out of the pact made with Tri-County Health, and so this petition looks to demand that Douglas County stays with Tri-County Health. 

Tri-County Health Department has done amazing things to protect our communities and its peoples and the actions being taken to withdraw us from the health department (DURING A PANDEMIC) is unjustly and beyond common sense. Douglas County aims to withdraw itself from Tri-County Health next year and so we hope this petition will urge them to reconsider the withdrawal.

Personally, as a youth activist who serves to represent the young people in Douglas County and in the community on both the state and local levels, I believe that continuing with this action will be harmful for the community but also could endanger and risk lives while there is an ongoing and unprecedented pandemic.