Close the college due to COVID-19 outbreak.

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We are trying to get the Douglas College because of the Corona virus. The college has a huge population and even if one person is sick, each one of us has the risk of getting sick. We strongly do not want that. The classes can be conducted online and so does the finals. The group presentation as well as the group projects can be submitted online through blackboard portal. The other colleges and universities are shutting down too. There is no need to ask the students to attend the physical lectures as it is a huge risk. Major events are getting cancelled if the gathering is more than 250. Imagine a school like Douglas which has a number of students coming from different cities in British Columbia. Most of the students travel via tranist. The people who travel via buses and sky trains are susceptible to getting the infection. Everyday, new people are getting tested for COVID-19 Corona virus and the majority of the results come back as positive. Anyone could have been exposed to the virus without even having any clue. The things that should be protecting us like Sanitizers and disinfectant wipes, are sold out in all the stores. The students are scared and do not wish to attend classes amid the panic. Please support the cause so that we can be safe.