Urge Sony Music to Release Kesha from her Contract with Kemosabe Records

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Celebrate 10,000 Signatures!

As we have just reached 10,000 signatures, I want to thank all of you for your support. More importantly, I want to congratulate Kesha. In only a few days 10,000 of your fans have stood behind you and more will certainly follow. We hope, in the end, that this petition can persuade Sony Music to release Kesha from her contract with Dr. Luke should her injunction not end favorably. As we move forward, keep an eye out on all social media for FreeKeshaNow as we will be starting trends, or helping promote trends that others have planned and started! Additionally, learn more about Sony Music and Kemosabe Records. Which artists record for them? As they continue to require Kesha to work with her rapist, it’s important to remember this behavior reflects their attitude toward their female artists in general. We urge you to boycott Sony Music not only for Kesha, but as a message to them. They need to protect their artists and #FreeKeshaNow! Continue to share and promote this petition, we hope we can continue to gather tens of thousands of signatures for Kesha! -FKN

Free Kesha Now
6 years ago