Ban Wal-Mart From Selling Beta Fish

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Let's keep this short and sweet. Beta Fish are loved and often bought in many Wal-Mart stores and other stores alike. I'm not sure if you know but they are supposed to be in five gallon tanks. Have you ever gone and looked at them. Notice how they don't swim around? They sit at the bottom of their "tank" and rarely move. Due to their aggressive nature and stores not caring to invest in decent tanks for them they are put on small little dishes. It astounds me. They may only be fish but they are conscious. Their short lives being spent in a dish where there isn't even enough room to swim. They don't move, and you can see the fin rot on their most likely once vibrant beautiful fins. I know it's not a big issue and there are thousands of other issues to address but I figured I would add this one to the list. Thinking about them poor small but still alive animals upsets me. I have never done a petition before but I'm hoping someone will take what I posted and put together a good one. Thank you for taking the time to read. I pulled the photo from a video on YouTube. Look up Wal-Mart Beta Fish abuse. 

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