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Make a medical exception for Janice Reinhart and remove the Smart Meter from her home!

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My friend Janice Reinhart lives in Naperville, IL.  On January 23, 2013, the City of Naperville installed the new digital Smart Meter to Janice’s house.  The Smart Meter is a digital device that records consumption of electricity.  The Smart Meter has a switching mode power supply (SMPS) that produces stray voltage or “dirty electricity” on the electrical wiring within the house.

This is NOT a petition against Smart Meters!  This is a petition for the City of Naperville to make an EXCEPTION for Janice and allow her to go back to the old analog meter.

Throughout her life, Janice has been challenged with medical issues.  She has a facial/bone condition called Osteonecrosis of the Jawbone.  She has heavy metals in her jawbone, including Nickel, which is known to produce a magnetic field.  After the installation of the Smart Meter, she began to experience the following symptoms:  chronic pain in her jawbone; lightheadedness; headaches; high blood pressure; insomnia; and ringing in her ears.  She consulted with Dr. Samuel Milham, who opined that the excess Nickel in her jawbone is acting as a receiver and picking up radio frequencies and the dirty electricity created by the SMPS.

In June 2013, she reluctantly moved into her mother’s house in neighboring Lisle, IL, which has the original analog meter, and overnight, her symptoms disappeared.  Living apart from her family, however, she is unable to care for her husband and her family.

For the past year, they have been talking to the City Manager Doug Krieger, and the Public

Utilities Director Mark Curran about the Smart Meter’s effect on Janice.  They even had a medical doctor speak to Mr. Krieger and Mr. Curran as well, to no avail.  Also, Janice has reached out to three city council members, again, to no avail.  Janice even spoke with Naperville Mayor George Pradel on two occasions, but he will not get involved. 

Despite all this effort as well as six doctor’s letters supporting Janice’s case, the City refuses to remove the Smart Meter, and the only suggestion that they offer is for them to move, which they cannot do due to an established business.

The following states offer opt outs for residents who request to keep their analog meters:  California, Georgia, Vermont, Massachusetts; Michigan; Oregon and Tennessee.  Illinois does not.  However, according to Naperville’s response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request letter, there are four residences and one business that still retain their original analog meters. 


Recently, the City of Naperville removed the Smart Meter from Janice’s home for 4 hours at her doctor’s request.  During those 4 hours, all of Janice’s pain and symptoms went away, and she shed tears of joy.  Unfortunately, the Smart Meter went back on the house.

The Smart Meter’s effect on Janice is detrimental and she needs to have it removed from her home permanently.  The people of Illinois should be able to opt out of the Smart Meters by showing adverse health effects as Janice has shown.


Please sign this petition to urge the City of Naperville to remove the Digital Smart Meter from Janice’s home and replace it with the original analog meter.

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