Lift the ban on Pitbulls in Ontario

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I am creating this petition  to lift the ban on pitbulls in Ontario. Ontario is the only province in Canada that bans this breed... it’s not the dog it’s the owner. There are several types of breeds that attack people when mistreated, abused or neglected it’s a defence mechanism which all species have especially when under stress (especially humans). I am hoping that in the near future this is possible. I am sick of this stigma created on one breed. I have met many pitbulls in my life and I can genuinely say without fear of contradiction they are sweet, fun loving creatures and just want to please. In light of the elections results I am hoping this might be an opportunity for change. This is a controversial topic but I 100% disagree with euthanasia of an animal just because it’s a certain breed. I’m disappointed with the governments decision years ago to put this act in place. There are many potential stipulations that can be placed but the prevention of  any further animals being euthanasized due to their breed is imperative. Please help me in attempting to allow pitbulls back into our province without ear if euthanasia or judgement. Please sign and share!