Keep Ontario Paramedics public!

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In April of 2019, the Provincial Government of Ontario led by Premier Doug Ford announced changes to the structure of your Paramedic Services around the Province. 

Leaked documents suggest that the Province could take control of all Paramedic services in Ontario and potentially contract out this vital emergency service to private operators.  These operators will put profit over patients. 

When you’re calling 9-1-1, you need to know that the Paramedics who come to you are well supported, well trained and well equipped and don’t put a private operators profit before your emergency care. 

By eliminating the local connections to hospitals, public health, service organizations, schools and local municipal governments, the new Provincial model will be less responsive to patient needs, and eliminate the local innovations and approaches that have proven to make a difference in people’s lives.   Twenty years ago, the last Conservative government realized that local Paramedic control is critically important and downloaded the life saving service to the municipalities, it was the right decision then, it's the right decision now. 

Taking local control of Paramedics away from the municipal level is dangerous, inefficient and will impact the lives of thousands of Ontarians every day. 

Join us in telling the Provincial Government, to leave your Paramedic service public and under local municipal control.