End Tarion’s new home warranty monopoly NOW: Give Ontarians a choice!

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Why has Doug Ford changed his tune since he became premier? Why has he not ended Tarion's monopoly? Could it be that he is now more interested in catering to builders/developers than protecting Ontario's consumers? 

Tarion has been studied for decades - the problems are well known. Numerous media reports show that there are many serious problems resulting from the legislation and how Tarion is administering the legislation. 

Unfortunately, on Feb. 20, 2019, Minister Walker announced that his government needs up to another 9 or 10 months to make a decision on whether to end Tarion's monopoly. This was such a disappointment!

As the Ford government stalls, each month the Ford government is FORCING approximately 5,000 families who purchase newly built homes to also purchase a warranty from the monopoly Tarion - a mandatory warranty that many agree is little to no good. What happened to Ford's slogan "for the people"?

Justice Cunningham, who was hired by the Ontario Government to conduct an independent review of Tarion, ultimately concluded that Tarion basically needs to be dismantled.  Justice Cunningham laid out a comprehensive plan forward, with 37 recommendations, including ending Tarion's monopoly: "...I am recommending the introduction of a competitive multi-provider model for warranty protection.  Introducing competition should encourage continuous improvement and innovation. This in turn can lead to better consumer outcomes such as enhancements in warranty protection beyond minimum amounts..." (Tarion Review Final Report, Dec. 16, 2016).  

It's time for Ontario to catch up to other provinces like Alberta, BC and Manitoba and offer a CHOICE of warranty providers!

Sign this petition to ask Premier Ford to end Tarion’s monopoly and offer a number of warranty providers in Ontario -- like Justice Cunningham recommended -- and like other Canadian provinces are doing.  It's time for Ontario to catch up!