Allow Ontario golf courses to open!

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We are all hurting from Covid 19. Many non essential businesses are closed to slow the spread. However Golf Courses are one of the few sports that allows zero contact and is easy to play while still social distancing. It's outdoors! You use only your own personal gear. You get excercise, support local business and being able to play golf relieves a lot of the mental stress that builds from being home. It's also played in groups of 4 or less people, so it literally meets all the recommended Public Health guidelines. ALLOW GOLF COURSES TO OPEN!! 

We don't need to gather afterwards at the 19th hole. We don't even need cart girls. Or any interaction with employees really. With pay and book online features this is truly one of the few remaining things we can safely do that still resembles "normal life".

We need this and we need your help.