Reopen Class 6 and 7 Licensed Bars!

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All of the Bartending community is frustrated and at our wits end w the decision to remain closed.  Most of the class 6 and 7 licensed bars SELL FOOD. Why is it ok for restaurants to be open but not us? It’s not. We need our local bars to be reopened for lots of reasons. The employers and employees of these establishments would like to go back to work and take care of our families. It would benefit our entire state for us to reopen. 1, for economic reasons. Our state needs the money. And 2, for the mental state of our community. Local bars are where people can meet w friends and family to have a good time.  As long as we are maintaining proper sanitizing regulations and social distancing, OUR BARS should be open too. The only difference between a “bar” and “restaurant”  is a number on our license. If you agree and feel that all bars should reopen please sign!