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Do not stand for the FCC gutting our freedoms; Speak out

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The FCC is trying to gut Net Neutrality, and will vote on December 14th. Five unelected bureaucrats will be deciding the fate of the information age and destroy the free flow of knowledge and communication as we know it if bi-partisan action isn't taken immediately, and if the people don't rise up to make their voices heard.

A key aspect of current net neutrality laws is that they stop internet providers from blocking websites they disagree with. Removing these laws would open up the internet to all kinds of censorship.

They are also adding a law which will prevent states and cities from revising or making their own laws on the matter. Not only are they revoking our freedoms to line their pockets, they're unfairly ripping your power right out of your hands.

Whether you support Net Neutrality or not, you must speak out against the FCC's vote, for they are taking away my and your rights and power, which creates a slippery slope of federal bullying.

 It will also lead to the stifling of innovation, like when AT&T tried to block access to Skype, making it impossible for new companies to compete in the future, killing the free market. It could also mean internet providers censoring articles and websites that are critical of them, or that simply compete with their own media properties.

I urge you to publically speak out against the gutting of our internet freedoms and to do everything in your power to keep Net Neutrality alive. Serve the people that put you in office, not the corporations trying to line their pockets by any means necessary. Because no amount of corporate money will win you re-election next year if you ignore your constituents cries for help.

And now speaking to my fellow citizens, I urge you to sign as well to bring the eyes of Georgia's congressman to this issue. Text RESIST to 50409. This will allow you to type a message that will be automatically sent to your representatives. Demand to be heard.  


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